Career Coaching

Are you where you want to be in your career or do you want to achieve more or do feel you could make a bigger impact?

Do you want to try something new but have not yet mapped out your approach?

Do you want to stretch yourself and develop more skills?

Are you going through redundancy or have been made redundant and are unsure of what your next steps could be?

Have you spent time out of the work place and your confidence levels have taken a knock?

Have you been faced with finding new employment but are finding the application and interview process challenging and could benefit with some guidance and practise?

Have you been thinking about working for yourself but have yet to take the leap?

The good news is that wherever you are in your career, coaching can be a great way to help you achieve what you want to achieve by:

  • Honing in on what is important to you and what success looks like for you.
  • Identifying your strengths and what you enjoy doing – where your passion lies.
  • Helping to understand what barriers you may face.
  • Identifying any areas of personal development or skill gaps that you may want to focus on.
  • Overcoming any self-doubt that may be holding you back from taking the next steps.
  • Building your confidence and self-belief plus resilience to make the changes you want to make.
  • Helping you to develop leadership skills to become an authentic, inspirational and inclusive leader.
  • Developing skills to network and influence both upwards and downwards plus horizontally and vertically if in matrix structures!