Additional Services

  • Coaching/mentoring for leaders/line managers
  • 6 month or Annual review of Staff Wellbeing program
  • For further details of either of the above services, please contact us and we can discuss your bespoke needs.
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New You offers a consultancy and advisory service to small or medium sized businesses wanting to develop effective strategies to balance the need for staff wellbeing with the increasing demands of a successful business. These businesses are seeking to raise awareness of the importance of staff wellbeing, and provide early intervention information and support mechanisms.

Small and medium sized businesses represent approximately 60% of the UK work force so have a huge influence over a large part of the population. Productivity is key and therefore the production and performance of each employee really counts, as often small and medium sized businesses are lean and have limited resources.

A recent Government report indicated that only 39% of companies had policies or systems in place and the main reasons cited for not having them were a lack of time and resources. The nature of small and medium sized businesses provides the opportunity for close/direct relationships with their employees so can be highly effective for engagement and impact.

New You can help by

  • Being able to focus completely on the task at hand without other business distractions.
  • Providing a confidential space for staff feedback.
  • Providing an independent view to benchmark & assess existing practices.
  • Taking an impartial stance to analyse research, give advice and make recommendations.