Frequently Asked Questions

How are the coaching sessions conducted?

Sessions will be conducted online over Zoom, Teams or telephone.

How many sessions will be part of my coaching package?

Eight sessions are included in the coaching package in order to allow time to achieve the desired result.

How much does coaching cost?

Please contact us for a free assessment call and a price.

When do you conduct coaching sessions?

Days and timings can be flexible.

Do you only coach in the UK?

As sessions are on line, these can be conducted both in the UK or internationally.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

If you recognise any of the situations highlighted or you feel as though you are not progressing, then it is likely that you could benefit from coaching. At your free assessment call, we can discuss where you’re at and where you want to be and whether the process is right for you.

Are we the right fit?

It is important that you are coached by the right person and therefore we can discuss this during the free assessment call – no obligations!

What are the next steps?

Please contact us via the Contact Us page or call 0333 224 1057 and we will set up a free assessment call. If the process is right for you, then we will send you a short questionnaire for you to complete prior to your first coaching session.