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At New You we are passionate about people, and therefore our services are people focused. Our aim is to help individuals to gain clarity on their goals in order to achieve their full potential, or, to support businesses to create early intervention staff wellbeing programs. This is designed to reduce the impact of burn-out, stress and anxiety in the workplace.

The burning reason why

“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”

-Michelle Obama, Former First Lady

Whether it be Coaching, Consultancy, or Advisory, choosing the right person to work with is the key to ensuring that you obtain the best results possible. So, with this in mind, how can we help?

Here’s the story from New You Coaching & Consultancy Services founder, Julia Rawbin:

“After spending over 25 years in the corporate world working for leading travel Brands in senior commercial and leadership roles, I came to a crossroads in my career during the Pandemic which provided me with the opportunity and space to rethink and reconnect with my own values and motivations. It was also a chance to re-assess where I could add value to others and make a difference on a personal level.

After a lot of self-reflection, I felt it was the right time to make a career change and use my personal experience and knowledge to focus on my passion for helping others to create their own opportunities and to achieve greater empowerment for themselves.

People development and providing opportunity have always been important to me and coaching is an impactful and structured way to empower people to make decisions, take action and make the choices and changes that will help them to move forward.

Coaching helps you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and of what matters to you, along with a deeper awareness of what drives you and also what holds you back. These are powerful insights that will help you to create a vision and plan of the type of future you want to have, hone in on what you want to achieve and identify what action needs to be taken to achieve it. Considering different views of negative experiences or unhelpful beliefs that have limited your progress to date are an important part of the process. Equally as important is learning how to reframe them and retrain associated behaviours. These are impactful tools that will propel you forwards and can be applied to all areas of your life.

Throughout my career there have been many great opportunities but also many challenges where I have had to make tough personal and professional choices. Similar to many, and like many, I have struggled in the past with my own feelings of self-doubt, including imposter syndrome and fear of failure. This has often made those choices particularly difficult to make.

When you experience self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome, you often believe that it is only you that has those feelings and that everyone else is confident and has more ability. However, it is not the case and around 70% of people suffer from this kind of feeling at some point in their lives – and contrary to common belief, it’s not limited only to women!

Particularly since early 2020 many people have found themselves in situations that they had never envisaged, or situations that have increased their feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or self-doubt. Many people have also taken the chance to re-evaluate their priorities and what they really want to achieve for themselves and for their loved ones. As a result, many are keen to make changes. These changes are sometimes clear but at other times greater reflection is beneficial along with guidance as to how to make those changes and take the next steps.

Over the years I have become adept at developing strategies and techniques to silence the inner voice of self-doubt by changing the narrative, reframing beliefs and learning new behaviours. Self-doubt can be debilitating and I am therefore keen to share with others what I have learned, along with the mechanisms and techniques that have helped to silence the “self-saboteur” within.

The positive feeling that self-belief and empowerment provides, along with the realisation that you can become your own catalyst for change is powerful and a life changer. These were the driving reasons why I became a Certified Coach, took a change of career direction, and set up coaching services as part of New You.

Creating a productive, engaging and inclusive work place environment were high on my agenda as a leader. Having worked in high pressured and stressful working environments, I have seen first-hand the damage that stress, anxiety and burn-out can cause if not identified, addressed early and managed effectively. Not only is there an undeniable negative impact on the wellbeing of the staff involved, but also a considerable cost to the business through reduced productivity, higher levels of staff absence and staff turnover, and lower levels of staff motivation and engagement.

I have also seen the positive difference that an early intervention employee wellbeing strategy can make when it is included as a key part of an overall Company strategy with the right awareness and engagement at all levels to support it. The benefit can be huge in terms of increased staff retention, high staff engagement, increased levels of creativity, productivity and critical thinking. It also helps to attract the best talent as people look at wider criteria when making their career decisions and employer selections.

Recent reports indicate that 1 in 6 workers experience common mental health issues at any one time like stress, anxiety and depression. With an increase in employees working when they are unwell or who are unable to disconnect from work during time off, it is not surprising that levels of “burn out” are growing. Having an effective program in place is a smart option for everyone whilst also feeding into a wider business sustainability agenda.

There is, therefore, an opportunity for me to contribute to the solution and work collaboratively with businesses that are forward thinking and believe in a duty of care to their people. These businesses want to become employers of choice and build a high performing but sustainable people agenda as part of their company culture.

Helping people to thrive in the workplace whilst gaining a healthy work/life balance were important reasons as to why I set up the consultancy services as part of New You”.