Do you feel that you need to have all the answers before you start the task?

Do you struggle or delay making decisions due to uncertainty, or fear of failure?

Do you put things off because they seem too hard, you don’t want to do them or you don’t feel ready?

Do you delay starting tasks, or do you start them and avoid finishing them?

Procrastination is common to many of us and is often rooted in feelings of anxiety, overwhelm or a lack of motivation. Frequently the more we procrastinate, the worse those feelings become which then leads us to procrastinate further.

If you recognise the cycle and want to get off, the good news is that we can help you by:

  • Clarifying what is important to you and what drives you to procrastinate.
  • Uncovering what beliefs and behaviours are holding you back & reframe them.
  • Creating new habits and behaviours to replace the procrastination.
  • Mechanisms and techniques to ensure that the new habits and behaviours remain and you are able to enjoy a more decisive future.